BPA Free Water Bottles – Sports Bottles With No BPA Chemicals

Keeping yourself well hydrated is an important part of a safe and satisfying workout. Most elliptical trainers feature some kind of cup holder or location for storing your water bottle whilst you are using the machine enabling you to reach out and rehydrate without having to get off the machine. However, a further important part of staying fit and well is not just diet and exercise but also to look at what other chemicals are entering your body and to eliminate those which are unecessary where possible.

Recent studies into Bisphenol A, a chemical found in some forms of plastic, have found this chemical will leach out of many food and drink containers it and into your diet with most tested having some levels of BPA in our bodies already as it was found in everything from plastic food utensils to baby bottles to bottled water although less so as public pressure is leading to many companies switching to BPA free plastic. Recent studies have linked high BPA levels to heart disease, obesity, diabetes and liver disfunction as well as sexual disfunction and a host of other ailments. Whilst much of the industry claims BPA is harmless, the evidence is mounting to the contrary and since your reasons for working out are more than likely to avoid those conditions which this chemical has potentially been linked to, all the more reason to cut it out anyway.

Some bottled water and sports bottles are still made with BPA plastic and should be avoided for better BPA free water bottles instead. BPA free sports bottles are easy to come by and if you’re someone who usually reaches for the disposable plastic bottled water, you’ll also be doing your bit for the planet and your wallet by switching to a reusable BPA-less water bottle as well. Over 13 billion plastic bottles are discarded in the UK each year, many of those disposable water bottles and with the price of bottled water averaging around 95p per litre – 1000 times more than tap water – you’ll easily recoup the price of a BPA free reusable water bottle and do a little bit for the environment too as well as saving yourself cash in the long run.

Refillable BPA Free Water Bottles and Reusable Sports Drink Containers

Image of Glogg 500ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Carabiner Top
Glogg 500ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Carabiner Top

Amazon Price : £5.99
This 500ml stainless steel water bottle is non-leaching and BPA free so you can ensure no harmful chemicals will find their way from the casing into your water. Food grade stainless steel is the safest water bottle material meaning you can enjoy the peace of mind found in using a non-toxic, non-leaching, durable and leakproof container. These stainless steel water bottles are ideal for taking to the gym, hiking or any other activity a lightweight eco-friendly water bottle would fit right in.

Image of Nathan Steel Bottle 700ml
Nathan Steel Bottle 700ml

Made from 100% recyclable materials, this range of highly durable stainless steel water bottles comes in a variety of fun styles for you to express your individuality. The Nathan stainless steel drinks bottle features a leakproof flip straw lid cap which allows you to drink from the bottle without tilting it and at 700ml it provides great fluid capacity. This refillable drinks bottle is ideal for taking along to your gym workout, sports meet, hill walking or simply to your office or school to replace those wasteful, chemical laden plastic bottles. bpa-freesteel flip straw multiple designs, durable, fully recyclable, food grade stainless

Image of 500ml stainless steel ORB
500ml stainless steel ORB

Amazon Price : £6.99
Certified BPA-free with a curvaceous design and sports hook cap, this stainless steel drink bottle is an ideal companion to any activity where safe hydration is a must have. The ORB is lightweight and hard wearing with a extra wide mouth for easy cleaning. Neoprene insulating and protecting jackets available to help maintain ambient liquid temperature.

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